Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Short Analysis of the Vice-President Debate

Vice President Dick Cheney definitely walked away with this debate. VP Dick Cheney was able to cover the questions better with answers that stayed on point. Sen. John Edwards repeated himself several times, not answering the questions put forth by the moderator.

Sen. Edwards continued to circle around the talking points he was given and wasn't able to give deep concrete answers or plans. Sen. Edwards proved tonight, their ticket does not have the track record the American people can trust in. I was more convicted my vote will stay with the Republican ticket because of this debate.

VP Cheney showed why he has served in four administrations. He also handled himself extremely well.

Sen. Edwards again brought up the idea the President went into Iraq because of the tie between Iraq and Al Qaeda and 9/11. He wants us to believe the whole reason we went into Iraq was because President Bush "Mis-Led" THE WORLD about Iraq having WMD and Iraq was a Key player in the 9/11 attack.

How many sanctions did Saddam violate? I don't know. How many years did we have inspectors in Iraq trying to monitor Iraq's weapons developments? I don't know. Sen. Edwards stated several times we didn't give enough time to the inspectors to find WMD's. The truth is Inspectors where there for a few years and then Saddam kicked them out. Having the inspectors was part of the sanctions and kicking them out violated those sanctions.

Today some new Iraq documents shows Saddam had WMD's and extensive Terrorist ties.

Iraqi Documents Show Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties

So Saddam did have mustard gas and anthrax. Both are considered WMDs. Tell the family members of the family members in mass graves. Killed with chemical weapons. Tell them Saddam didn't have these chemicals.

Sen. Edwards and Kerry continue to talk about how this Administration didn't give the men going to Iraq armor. Sen. Kerry voted against the funds to cover new body armor and many other items. The truth is this. Gen. Peter Pace, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said 40,000 troops did not have the brand new, improved armor but, "every soldier and Marine on the ground had body armor."

I loved it when Sen. Edwards tried to look "Clinton Like" {Why? Who Knows?} with his story of being a young boy and seeing his dad learning math from watching TV. Then he said, "And I was also hopeful, because I knew that I lived in a country where I could get a college education." I really doubt he was thinking that, but that is being extra critical.

The unfortunate outcome of listening to the discussions after the debate is that most of the people discussing the "Winner" of the debate have already decided who they are going to vote for and that also shades their decision of who won the debate. So far, CBS seems to be the most biased in their polls. CBS polls show Edwards winning overwhelmingly. This is ludicrous, but I have also made my decision who I am going to vote for and you probably realized that already.


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