Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul 2012?

Seriously, How in the world can so many people be for Ron Paul.  I like his financial ideas and a smaller government, but we might as well invite Terrorist Nations to our dinner table with his ideas about foreign government and our military.  We shouldn't be the police for the world for sure and we absolutely should get out of the UN.  Way are we paying to run the UN when the UN is anti-American.

Any thoughts and responses would be welcomed.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Reply to my friend about Government Run HealthCare.

This video was the start of the conversation Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

I definitely wasn't referring to you when I said naive. Not sure how Fox News got into this conversation either. I'm not a writer, but hopefully this will be understandable.

The author of the video doesn't present any references. The animated video is put together well and has the soul purpose to sway an uninformed individual to agree with the proposal that Government is the only answer to the problems we face with Health Care currently. Where are the facts that back up his statement that 10-20 percent of the money paid to the insurance companies goes to other things like fighting against the government health care plan? The insurance companies are paying for these modern marvels of medicine, surgeries, and research as well as these ridiculous lawsuits brought against Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Drug Companies, etc...

We are suppose to believe the Government is going to be the most honest body of individuals when comparing them to the Insurance Companies? The daily news is enough reminder why we can not trust this group of individuals in government with a large tax fed program. Look what they did to Social Security. It was suppose to be exclusively used for "retirement," but the Washington Boys and Girls decided they could use those funds and wrote IOUs against the money. It should have been gaining interest somewhere. Now the belief is there will not be enough funds within the short future to support those individuals who have contributed.

The Government hasn't run the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid "Organizations" honestly or successfully. I'm not sure there is one program the Government has run well on the Federal level. Well maybe their own retirement programs which is completely different from the play you and I contribute to with each pay check.

Here's an interesting Article titled "Economics of Play-or-Pay Mandates in Health Care Reform Bills" It points out just a few of the issues with what is being proposed.

You are right; the HealthCare System needs some changes. It doesn't need the Government to take it over. When I worked in Miami at a major government hospital in the city. There was a huge wait each day in ER. When we dug a little deeper to find out why some people had to wait several hours to get treated; we found it was because a good majority were using the ER as their primary care location if they had a cold, a constant headache, etc... Why did they go to the ER instead of calling a doctor and schedule an appointment? Because it was basically free to them. Illegals, unemployed and employed all knew how they could work the system to get the care they wanted. The Doctors, supplies, medicine, electricity and Nurses still needed to be paid for the treatments they performed or the time it took to talk to the guy with a headache and give him an aspirin. While all the Joe and Susie Headaches were holding a position in line at the ER, Sam Heartattach was dying in his chair.

A gang banger can get shot in a street war and be rushed to the ER and be treated without insurance and the hospital will end up writing off the debt of that individual for the treatment they received. An illegal immigrant can go to the ER and be treated and when Medicare doesn't pay; the hospital will end up writing off that debt as well. An under priveleged person can go to the ER and be treated and probably will not be able to pay the bill and that will be written off as well. I have written programs used across the U.S. to do exactly that; Write off bad debt from their ledgers. We aren't talking about little amounts; we are talking multi-millions of dollars. Sure, not all the bad debt was from these abusers, but a majority of the bad debt was from these situations.

I agree there are people that need health care and have a difficult time receiving or getting it. When I was laid off, I had to find health insurance during that time. The plan wasn't as good as what I had when employed, but it covered us in the event we had a major issue. I choose to find coverage, but a huge group of people choose not to and shouldn't be force to pay a penalty if they make that choice.

The Majority of American's like their health care plan and the majority of Americans don't think the Government should take over this industry. So why aren't the congressmen and senators listening? Hmmm, could it be they see an opportunity to gain something? You bet-cha they see an opportunity. Currently, the group of people that receive the most government assistance continue to vote for the democratic party. The democratic party knows they can count on their vote each and every election period. Now suppose they can increase that dependent state of people. Now they would have a larger and possibly a majority of people in the electoral areas to insure them re-election each term. It's not about compassion for these people. Probably many did start off thinking compassionately about the issue, but something changed along the way.

Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime. Don't teach him to fish and he will be back tomorrow.

If the minority of people think all people should have Health Insurance then why don't they petition their congressmen and senators to add a line to our Income Tax Forms that allows the filer to donate a portion of their refund to a fund for the Uninsured Healthcare Coverage Plan. Also push to have a modification made to our W-4s to allow for a certain portion of their income to go toward funding the Uninsured Healthcare Coverage Plan. American's are the most generous people in the world. When ever a catastrophe happens in other parts of the world; the United States is looked to to provide assistance. I'm sure there would be a large enough group of people to fund such a program.

President Obama "says" he wants to fund this and other programs by only taxing the wealthy individuals who make over $250,000 a year. I don't fall into that group, so I wouldn't be included. But there isn't enough wealthy individuals to fund all of his programs. What happens when there are no more wealthy individuals? Take out another loan from China?

“The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” - Margaret Thatcher.

Bottom line is I think we both agree some changes are needed to the current HealthCare system, but we disagree with our Governments role in that change.

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