Thursday, October 07, 2004

Another day

Another day of more goofy statements by the Democratic ticket. A few days ago I was called an idiot or stupid by Sen. Edwards. I don't have the exact quote, but he said something to the nature that anyone who would vote for Bush was an idiot. That's a great way to win friends.

Been listening to the media make claims that John Edwards won the debate. Again, I say that is hogwash. Now the media is saying President Bush has to have a knock out punch in the debate on Friday night. Bologna!

Does anyone else find it interesting that President Bush is favored in every poll when character is the subject? Not even by a little, a wide margin. That gives me a good sense as to the way the voters will go on November 2, 2004. Take a look here

I also listened to some of the most ridiculous opinions on the radio today. Some individuals were asked what has Sen. Kerry done that causes you to vote for him in November? Not one person could say one thing Kerry has done in his 20+ political career. When asked why they would vote for Kerry if they couldn't name one thing he has done, they give the silly answer, "Anyone but Bush." Then asked to name something President Bush has done, they can list a few things. I really can't understand that kind of thinking.


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