Saturday, October 30, 2004

John Kerry and MSNBC

I was channel surfing tonight and came upon a program that teased me into watching it.

"John Kerry:Bringing The War Home" on MSNBC. The tease was about discovered footage of John Kerry's 1971 War Protest. I started watching it and found out quickly, it was more propaganda for Kerry. The program covered interesting information about Kerry's 71 adventure into politics. It lacked full coverage of the events though.

The Detroit War Crimes meeting was covered, but it failed to mention most of the accounts given in the Detroit meeting were given by men who either didn't serve in Vietnam or didn't serve all together.

Mentioned Kerry's effort to continue to work with Vietnam to release the POWs after 1971, but failed to mention he visited with the Vietnamese Communist Leaders three times in 1971 while he was on Active Reserve. This is a crime in itself, no military personal is to meet with the enemy while in service.

The program also didn't mention Kerry's speech to the Fulbright committee was played over the load speakers to the Vietnam POWs. The Vietnamese would tell the POWs, their country felt they were War Criminals and had nothing to go back to the United States for because they would come home as criminals and not heroes.

I find this more repulsive now. The program also tried to present Kerry as a man above men, standing up for what he believed in and someone to trust.

MSNBC, I give you a grade of 10 on a 1 to 10 scale of "Do you want John Kerry as your next President?


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