Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Kerry, NY Times, and the Rest of the "Media"

380 Tons of Weapons Gone!

That was how some of the Headlines went. The NY Times leading the way with the rest of the "Media" following gleefully behind with their headlines. Then Kerry comes out blasting the President for the weapons disappearing during his watch.

The facts are now known, the weapons were reported by the UN Inspectors before the Iraq war and the UN was in charge of guarding the weapons. NBC has reported that after the war began, one of their reporters was embedded with the military as they came upon the weapons site. They reported the Major explosive weapons could not be found there. So, the weapons did not "Vanish" under the Presidents watch! They more than likely would have disappeared before the war with Iraq began. Kerry also claims Bush did not guard those stashes. First of all, as I said earlier, the UN was in charge of guarding those weapons before the war. After the war started, the roads to the weapons were all blocked off by the troops. It would have taken 30 or more Semi Trucks to move all of the weapons.

Even after NBC disproves the President being responsible for the weapons, Kerry continues to attack the President with statements like: "one of the great blunders" of the Iraq war. "What else are you being silent about?" Statements like this coming from a man who will not release the documents on his Vietnam Medals. He can't remember being at the Vietnam Veterans Against War (VVAW) meeting in 1971. As an executive member of the VVAW an assassination plot was being discussed to kill politicians who opposed ending the war.

Who is using who? Kerry using the "Media"? or the "Media" using Kerry? More than likely, both. Kerry used the "Media" in the early 70s to promote himself and the "Media" used him in the early 70s to help support their ideas.

I can't take it anymore! I said it when this race began, "The "Media" is going to decide the next President." That is what they are trying to do now. Unfortunately, most people only read the Headlines, the first paragraph, and don't go much further. They are still under the belief, "if it's in print, it must be true." That is definitely not the truth. Kerry and the "Media" are working together to get Kerry elected. The Democrats have learned that floating Lies in the "Media" has a huge impact on the public view. It has become a part of their strategy.

I am having the most trouble understanding why people are voting for Kerry because they have taken on the idea, "Anyone, but Bush." What is that? You surely wouldn't vote for Kerry if he was a criminal. Wait a minute. Kerry said he was a criminal, when he testified in front of the Fulbright Committee telling the world of activities he participated in. These activities would be defined as war crimes. Why hasn't the "Media" asked him about this?

Now documents come out that show Kerry was meeting with the Vietnamese Communists helping him with direction on protesting the Vietnam War. He was meeting with the Enemy while fellow Veterans (he served with) in Vietnam were still there! Putting their lives in danger! He meet with the Viet Cong Leader Madame Nguyen Thi Binh up to three times. Then came back to the states to promote her 7-point plan for the US to surrender! Part of the plan involved the US stating they lost the war. Basically, the US was to surrender and leave Vietnam with it's tail between its legs.

Jerome Corsi, a specialist on the Vietnam era, told WND the new discoveries are the "most remarkable documents I've seen in the entire history of the anti war movement."

I haven't seen this on ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN. They were all over the False Documents from Dan Rather on CBS about President Bush's Coast Guard time. It took days for CBS to admit the documents were NOT originals. Kerry used this as ammo as well and still does.

Now publications that have never endorsed a candidate are now coming out in support of Kerry. I do believe the people in charge of these publication endorsements are also of the same age group as those that protested the Vietnam War. Draw your own conclusion. I don't think it is coincidence they are of the same age as John Kerry. It is already known a Major Majority of the "Media" backed Clinton and are very left wing in the democrat party.

Michael Moore has tried to continue the lie. President Bush stole the election. Every recount, no matter what criteria was used, still proved President Bush won in 2000! But what did the "Media" do with Michael Moore? They rolled out the Red Carpet for him. Helping him promote his ridiculous "documentary" on the morning programs. USA Today gives him a place at the Republican National Convention as a commentator in their paper. Okay... they offered Ann Coulter the same position for the DNC. When Ann submitted her story, they edited it so much Ann refused to let them us it with her name on it. Then replaced her with someone else.

I find it inexcusable for the "Media" to continue to pimp the Presidency of the United States. Willingly leaking false rumors and publishing false documents about our President. President Bush has performed unbelievably under some of the most difficult and stressful situations a President has ever had to deal with. What other President has had to deal with a Major attack on US soil that killed 3000 plus people?

Unlike the previous Presidency who drew a new line in the sand each time an attack was made against the US, implying if they stepped over this line they better watch out. That Presidency didn't stand up for the United States. I watch in horror one afternoon when I saw one of our soldiers, who was killed, being dragged through the streets after his helicopter was shot down. I waited for us to do something, but we didn't. I can't forget the USS Cole, the first World Trade Center Bombing, or US Embassy bombings. All terrorist related with no military response from President Clinton. John Kerry would give us more of that type of military leadership. He would wait for the Global test results before making a decision.

President Bush on the other hand, stood up to the terrorist and the networks that have supported them. Since 9/11, have we had any major successful terrorist actions on our soil? NO! Don't tell me we're not safer.

Kerry's UN has been proven to be corrupt. It has been documented, France took money from Saddam, along with Germany, and Russia. Money that was supposedly allocated for the Oil for Food program to feed his nation.

The "Media" and John Kerry are working together to get Kerry elected. I said it earlier, the "Media" knows (as does the Democrat Party) Kerry will be a puppet under their command if elected.

I can't remember who said it, but I love it. "Kerry is like water flowing which ever way the tide is going." The twenty plus years he has been in politics has proven this description true.

With this election, proof is everywhere pointing to the "Media" as becoming the Kerry campaign headquarters.


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