Saturday, October 09, 2004

Kerry wins Debate 2 because of the Camera angles?

Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet's Headline reads: It wasn't pretty, but it was plain - Kerry won

Lynn then goes on to describe who won on "appearance," which is always debatable. She makes the claim "The town-hall format and camera angles worked to the hyper-coiffed Kerry's advantage. The Massachusetts senator looked more physically commanding than the president, as he made effective use of the ability to get up from a stool and walk around a stage."

I'm not sure which station she watched the debate on. If it was one of the network stations [abc, nbc, or cbs], I'm sure they could have construed the camera shots to present the appearance they wanted. I watched the FoxNews Channels coverage of the debate. First of all, making a judgement on who won the debate because of how someone looked, is not a good criteria. You could take a good looking news anchormen and make him look Presidential. That doesn't mean he would be a qualified Presidential candidate.

Lynn also mentions Kerry repeated use of the phase, "I have a plan." So what, he has changed his plan every few months or so over the course of the 20 years in the Senate. Ms Sweet talks about a few reaction shots of the President looking "weird." Blinking his eyes rapidly and another with a bit of a smirk. Again, So what!

Gives her analysis of the crowds reaction to some canned humor. One of Senator Kerry using the Red Sox in part of a joke that flopped. The other of President Bush making the statement about Kerry's answer almost makes him want to scowl. This one did go over well with the crowd. Apparently she wasn't watching the audience behind the President in the Camera shot, they had smiles on their faces from the one liner. But again I say, So What!

Lynn makes a statement about Bush saying, "I'm not tellin!" This was in response to a question of who he would pick as a supreme court justice, if he needs to appoint one. I felt this was the right thing to do. Can you imagine what the media would do if the President gave a name! That person's life would be turned upset down. She also points out how she thought it was not smart for Kerry to have used some information about $84 from a timber company. Then explained that the Kerry campaign shot out an email to explain the information.

Her analysis of the debate didn't prove Kerry winning the debate. If anything she proved Kerry looks good in front of a camera.


At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said.

I posted something on my blog about listening to the debate on the radio instead of watching it on TV. I had listened to the first half of the first debate on the radio in the car, and then finished watching it on TV at home. It was better, for me, to listen on the radio without the visual to distract me. I "heard" what they had to say better. Besides, I can watch all the replays, over and over, on TV later.

Of course, I got a blog-lashing from the left-leaning for even suggesting that readers try just listening instead of watching. Typical.


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