Friday, October 08, 2004

Who's Mis-Leading?

Here are a few Myths about President Bush - [click here for more interesting reading]

He Mislead US Into War - the fact is, Senator John Kerry had access to the same information as President Bush, sat on the Intelligence Committee, and Voted for the War. It was John Edwards who said that the danger in Iraq was imminent, not President Bush.

We Went Into Iraq For the Oil - But why didn't his father get the oil during the first Gulf War? More oil available lowers the price and reduces profits for the oil companies.

He Stole the Election - Every Major Newspaper Recount Done Since the 2000 Election Validated the Election. Al Gore went to the Courts, Not George Bush.

Bush is Uncaring and Sat Like a Log for 7 Minutes After Hearing the News of 9/11 - The truth is that under the steady hand of George Bush we are going after the terrorists before they go after us.

I also know John Kerry stated he sat there unable to do anything for at least a half hour.


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