Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Professional Athletes - Is it Politics?

I really don't know what to write right now about this. I'm not really sure it is political or not.

I can't figure out why the sports world is so surprised about the recent violence at a NBA basketball game. This is the type of person being drafted by the NBA. Sure the violence is happening at MLB and NFL games, but it seems to be more prevalent with NBA players.

Maybe I'm wrong.

What I do see is NBA owners continuing to draft players out of college that have had a history of violence. Since MJ left, the NBA has promoted players like Allen Iverson. Now there is a good roll model. Why wasn't David Robinson promoted?

Just before Ron Artest's little windmill display, he had tried to get time off for a year to work on his Rap Career. At the very end of his interview after his suspension, he promotes his new Rap Album. Now he has a year to promote his Rap. At least he will not be pulling in his NBA salary. Unfortunately, a publishing company is going to promote his album and this violence is a great tool to promote Rap.

Personally, I think he was punished appropriately. I think Jackson should have received more punishment. The fan or fans, they should also be punished. They have no right to say whatever they want or throw anything at an athlete or another fan.

It's time to raise the bar on the type of person that should be drafted. What are your thoughts? I probably haven't expressed myself well. I have so many thoughts running threw my head on this subject.


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