Monday, November 01, 2004

Terry McAuliffe Promises capture of Bin-Laden

Terry McAuliffe just promised America that if John Kerry is elected Bin-Laden would be captured or killed on the Hannity & Colmes program.

What kind of bologna is that? How can he guareentee his capture or killing? McAuliffe has made some of the most ridiculous statements.

How does McAuliffe think Bin-Laden will be captured. It took over 20 years to capture the Uni-Bomber and he was in the United States. Bin-Laden is in the Mountains in Pakistan or in that area. This is not an easy area to searched?

Terry also made statements that Cheney needs to change his medication or pills in order to think more clearly. This man has no class! This man should not be able to hold any public office.

McAuliffe has his own baggage: McAuliffe’s Shady Business Past


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