Friday, July 01, 2005

Find The Right Lawyer And You Can Be A Millionaire

I just read an article by Mona Charen at that tells of just a case. These was a drunk fellow that stumbled out of a bar drunk on New Year's Eve. An anonymous observer called the local police department and reported he had seen a man collapse outside a restaurant. The crafty lawyers argued a case that originally awarded the irresponsible drinker, $1,000,000.

Mona also tells of another case that a crafty lawyer was able to settle for $17 Million dollars for getting into an accident. A train conductor, who was released from the hospital two hours after a train crash, had a lawyer argue his case that rewarded him $8.5 million from Burlington Northern Santa Fe. He stated that his drinking problem was exacerbated by the crash.

The story that tops it for me is one of a criminal trespasser that fell from the roof of a private warehouse and received 567,000 pounds (Great Britain).

I continue to be amazed at what people are able to take to court and sue companies, individuals, and organizations for. Is there no limit? Have we lost our common sense? The court system here in America was founded on the best principles. When did it start to go wrong. We still have an awesome court system. If we continue to let lawyers bring cases of complete Gold Digging purposes, we are in for some huge increases in insurance premiums. The insurance companies will have to come up with silly little policies to insure people for the silliest of things. How bout a policy to protect you from the person who sues you because they are allergic to grass and they fell on your lawn and broke out in hives.

Sure, the example is extreme. Is it though? Would you have thought that someone who did not have the common sense to not get drunk, would be able to become a Millionaire because he did?

Read the article here: Stupid Lawyer Tricks - Mona Charen


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