Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The UN Bologna and Tsunami

Eventhough the United States has increase its pledge to the Tsunami victims, I still can't get over the UN's Bologna.

The UN has ridiculed the United States for just about everything we do, but there wouldn't be a UN without the United States money! Read the Financing information at this link: What is the UN. The UN has proven to be corrupt in almost ever endeavor. The latest being the Oil for Food Program.

Today the UN announces much of the money may not get to the victims. Why? They say because many countries never follow through with their pledges. This may end up being true. With the UN's track record, I have trouble believing anything they say. Do they already have plans to siphon money?

Where are the Muslim countries? Take a look at this list and see who the top givers to the victims are as of January 4, 2005. Raw Pledges by Country


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