Monday, March 28, 2005

Governor Jeb Bush's Actions, Terri Schiavo and the Animal Rights People

I'm sick of people making accusations about Gov. Bush not doing everything he can. What do they think Governor Bush can do? I believe they feel he could take emergency custody of Terri and have the feeding tube put back in. Governor Jeb has done everything I believe he can do.

Can he do this? I'm not sure.

Should he do this? I think not.

I'm thankful Florida has a Governor with morals based on his Christian beliefs, but what if Florida did not have a Governor with these beliefs?

This is a pretend example.
Let's say that it was reversed, Terri's parents have been awarded custody and the feeding tube has been put back in place. Now this pretend Governor decides this shouldn't have happened, the courts were wrong. This pretend Governor decides to take emergency custody and removes the feeding tube and (in this pretend scenario) Terri dies because of the pretend Governors actions. Is this the precedence we want to set? I don't think so!

I find this whole thing disturbing. I really don't believe Terri Schiavo's ex-husband would even be able to take his case (that Terri wouldn't want to be kept alive) to a small claims court and win. It would be thrown out. There just isn't any evidence she would have wanted it this way.

For those people threatening violence against individuals or judges or anyone else that has had a part in this ordeal, Wake up! This is America, not Iraq. For those politicians you feel should have done more, go to the polls the next time they are up for elections. Let your vote show your response. If the majority feel the same way. The person will not be re-elected.

Animal Rights People, where are you?
I still don't understand why in the world the animal activists haven't been heard more from? Can you imagine a dog, cat, snail, or whale being refused food! The animal rights activist would be all over the news declaring the injustice. I guess for these people animals are more important than people. For them, people can be starved to death because someone thinks that would have been their wishes, eventhough they have not proof. In the case of the whales that beach themselves. How do we know these whales didn't tell their loved ones they didn't want to be kept alive?


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