Thursday, August 11, 2005

Voter Fraud

Republicans have for a long time be accused of trying to disenfranchise the Minority vote. Republicans have always said they don't support intimidation of voters. Republicans even signed a Consent Decree in federal court pledging that they would not condone any tactics that would intimidate Democrat voters in 1982.

Democrats have continued to make unfounded accusations against Republicans at every turn. The 2004 Election was no different. It may be time that the Democrats sign a Consent Decree. They complain about being disenfranchised or Republicans disenfranchising voters and intimidating them from coming out to the polling place because they may be arrested for any crime they may have committed in the past.

What hypocrites! The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund (ACVR Legislative Fund), a non-partisan, non-profit organization has released a new report documenting how thousands of Americans were disenfranchised during the 2004 elections because paid Democrat operatives were heavily involved in voter intimidation and suppression.

Here are some examples:
- Five Democrat Operatives In Milwaukee Charged With Slashing Tires Of Republican Vans On Morning Of Election Day
- Court Issues Injunction Against Democrat Operatives Targeting Ohio Voters With Phone Calls Providing Deceptive Information to Voters
- Court Issues Injunction Against Democratic National Committee Ordering It To Stop Distributing Intimidating Materials To Republican Volunteers In Florida
- Intimidating And Misleading Phone Calls To GOP Volunteers Made By President Bill Clinton And DNC General Counsel Joe Sandler In Florida
- Court Orders To Cease Voter Intimidation And Harassment In Ohio
- Ohio Court Ordered Democrat Polling Place Challengers To Remove Deceptive Arm Bands and Badges
- Violence Against Republican Volunteers In Philadelphia On Election Day
- Union-Coordinated Violence And Intimidation Against Republican Campaign Offices And Volunteers
- And there are plenty more.

In Colorado a pamphlet was handed out to Democrats entitled Colorado Election Day Manual. In it the pamphlet tells them to claim intimidation even if it hasn't "emerged" yet. Create a press release, have the minority leaders talk about it, etc...

It has always amazed me when the Democrats (in particular Jesse Jackson) complain about disenfranchisment, it is always in a precent that is controlled by their own party. Are they not in control of their own process?

Since the previous inhabitants of the Whitehouse, the Democratic Party has suffered from a loss of....... Morality? I'm not talking about Abortion Rights or Gay Marriage, I'm talking about their Win at all Cost plans. The Democratic Party carries over 90 percent of the Minority vote and yet the life of the Minorities has become more and more dependent on the Government each year. Has their lives become any better over the past 50 years following these leaders? How about some of the minority leaders? Jesse Jackson and his family seem to continue to add wealth to themselves while the people he is suppose to be helping continue to depend more on the Government with every one of his protests. It just may be a good time to find a new leader for these groups.


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