Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cindy Sheehan is back in the News

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Cindy Sheehan has been awarded the 2005 Idiotarian of the Year Award. Cindy is the Media's favorite mother. She has dissed her sons memory in the pursuit of protesting the war.

Her son's name is Casey Sheehan and he volunteered to defend America and help bring freedom to Iraq. The key word here is VOLUNTEERED. He wasn't forced. Casey had volunteered for a rescue mission in which he and several others were killed. Casey earned Posthumously the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart.

Cindy would have you believe President Bush forced Casey into the military and put him in the front lines to be killed. Of course those of us who have an ability to think and reason know this is ludicrous.

The ironic thing about Cindy and her son Casey's life is that he fought for the right of every American and now Iraqis to have free speech. So Cindy should be thanking Casey for what he has help to accomplish in Iraq.

Cindy has said that President Bush is 10 times worse than Osama. I would say that Cindy is a Ally with Osama. Does it say anything that her own family has asked her to stop. They have distanced themselves from her.

Cindy even has her own page on Wikipedia. See Cindy Sheehan. The good thing about that page is that it tells what her son did. He also has a page on Wikipedia: Casey Sheehan. He wanted to be a Chaplin's Assistant. Did you even know that her son volunteered for this assignment? He first enlisted in May of 2000 and then re-enlisted in August 2003. Doesn't sound like someone who was forced and murder by President Bush. Here is another page on Army Specialist Casey Sheehan.

One other short sentence to Cindy. Thank you for the birth of your son, Casey. He was a Brave Honorable American. One more thing: It's President George Bush and not just George. President George Bush believes in your right of free speech. The right you take for granted is not afforded in other countries you represent.


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