Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Polls, Polls, and More Bogus Polls

The media has the strike force in full assault on President Bush. Each day I see some headline pointing out another poll about the sinking polls. Come on, I have poll overload.

Let me ask a question? What other President in American history has had to deal with several natural disasters, terrorism within our borders, a media bent on persuading public opinion against the President, and blaming him for anything that goes wrong, but not crediting him for anything right.

I don't know if there has ever been a President of the United States of America who has had to deal with all of this at the same time.

I'm glad he doesn't make his decisions by following the polls. President G W Bush is a man of honor. We had lost that honor in the Presidency during the Clinton years.

China has now named two birth control products after Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. It's outrageous. China can name their products whatever they want, but this proves the joke his Presidency was to the World. A man of honor he wasn't. It's one thing to screw up a couple times, but to do it for several decades shows a pattern.

High schoolers now see the acts of Monica and Bill as a norm. They see it as a casual act that doesn't require a committed relationship at all. Hooking up for a night to fulfill your selfish desire is all right with the youth now. The tide was turning before Bill, but the public relationship and acts of the relationship has accelerated this type of behavior in our future leaders of this country. It didn't help with Hillary basically doing nothing about it. She has not really done anything about it over their entire "marriage." The Woman's Rights movement basically cheered him on anyway.

I didn't start this blog posting to talk about all that, but it just developed as I typed. Sometimes those are the best kinds of postings.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Today's Thought said...

It's ridiculous how many ads I see now about Hillary for President. Look around, you'll see them.

Tell me that stupid ABC program isn't a shot at trying to soften up America to the idea of a women as the President. I think some day a women will be President, but it won't be Hillary. Hillary is to much of a spark plug of issues on both sides. If a poll was taken and asked the simple question, "Would you vote for Hillary Clinton for President," an overwhelming majority would reply no.


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