Monday, December 12, 2005

The Terminator Says No To Tookie

Chicago Tribune news: Schwarzenegger Denies Clemency for Williams

Arnold did the right thing.  

Why should "Tookie" be granted clemency?  At the age of 26 Tookie was convicted of murdering

Yen-I Yang 76 years old
Tsai-Shai Chen Yang 63 years old
Yu-Chin Yang Lin 43 years old
and Albert Owens 26 years old

Yu-Chin would have been 69 this year.  Albert Owens would have been 52 this year.  The same as Tookie is now.  Tookie was able to double his life time and his victims lives were all cut short.  Actually, most active gang members don't even come close to Tookie's current age.  The courts rewarded Tookie already by allowing him to appeal the death sentence.  With those appeals Tookie was able to live way past the age of a person with his demographics.  

Tookie had no compassion for his victims.  

Tookie entered the Brookhaven Motel and broke down the Led door that led to the private office.  He then shot 76 year old Yen-I Yang, the 63 year old wife Tsai-Shai Yang and then Yang's 43 year old daughter, Yu-Chin Yang Lin.  Tookie then stole the cash from the register and fled.  Net of that robbery, $100.  

He shot Albert in the back of the Head (point blank) as he pleaded for his life.  Albert was the store clerk at a 7-Eleven Market.  Albert was killed because Williams wanted to show his fellow criminals how a robbery should be done.  The net of the robbery was $120.  

I'm sure Tookie is going to die much more peacefully than anyone of his murdered victims.  He will be "executed" by lethal injection.  Basically, put to sleep just like a family pet.  

In prison Tookie has assaulted many guards and inmates.  Even though he has spoken out about being involved in Gangs, he is still an active member of the Crips gang in prison.  

Tookie has a son who is also serving time for murder.  He was sentenced to 16 years for second degree murder.  

Governor Terminator has made the right decision in letting this man's life be terminated.  Our crimes have punishments and this man's punishment has not been expedient.  We have allowed too much money to be wasted in the courts appealing the punishment.  

Tonight Murderer Tookie Williams will be put to sleep peacefully.  Tookie said just a few days ago, why should I fear this execution.  If it is my time to be executed then I will be executed.  Would he still feel this way if the death penalty still carried some fear?  Do you think the executed murderers of the past that received electricity, firing squad, or hanging feared their earthly judgment day?  Definitely!  

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