Thursday, November 03, 2005

Brown's E-Mails Show Concern About Image

Here we go again.

The media trying to make someone in the Bush administration seem uncaring and out of touch. They grab the email that Brown talks about his attire and then go on to mention over 1,000 pages of "Electronic Messages." Then lead you into their conclusion of the messages.

So an email mentions how Brown felt about his attire, yada yada yada. Big Deal.

The article mentions over 1,000 pages of "Electronic Messages." We can call them emails. This clip from the article leads you in what they want you to believe about Brown.

"They show Brown wasn't fully engaged in managing the emergency response to the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, according to a report by Representative Charles Melancon, a Louisiana Democrat."

Melancon's aide states his emails show he made few decisions and seemed out of touch. Did this aide attend any meeting Brown had? More than likely not. All of his communication wasn't through email. Who's is? I'm suppose to take the word of this person's interpretation of the over 1,000 pages of "Electronic Messages" and believe the conclusion they come up with. I'm not that stupid! I really have had it with the media.

We have no idea what conversations Brown had outside of those pages of "Electronic Messages." I'm sure if we had access to this aide's emails, we could come up with some conclusion that probably isn't correct as well.

The Governor and the Mayor of New Orleans should take the Fall for what didn't happen during this Huge disaster. The mayor's over exaggeration of 10,000 dead bodies are floating in the cities. The mayor knows how to play the media, doesn't he? It's not the true of the message, but the impact of the statement. Or the seriousness of the charges that matter.


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