Saturday, January 21, 2006

Suddenly, gay's really OK

Suddenly, gay's really OK:
"But judging by the trophies being handed out during this film awards season, the viewing public has come a long way -- or at least has become more tolerant of 'gay movies.' New films such as 'Brokeback Mountain,' 'Capote' and 'Transamerica' are finding larger, more widespread American audiences willing to accept characters who are gay or transsexual and dealing with real issues."

Lucio Guerrero must live in a bubble with in the media. This statement is so off, I can't believe it was made. Brokeback Mountain wasn't even in the top 10 movies before it won an award. Even with the Media promoting the movie everywhere in the news and commercials, it still wasn't in the top 10. Movie theaters are not in hot pursuit of this movie for viewing. It is showing in less than 700 theaters in the US. Contrast that with The Chronicles of Narnia being shown in 3224. Both Narnia and Brokeback Mountain came out the same week. Narnia has grossed $264,020,859, while Brokeback has grossed $32,074,517. I don't remember Brokeback Mountain win an award in the People Choice Awards. They won Golden Globe awards from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is a non-profit organization, the members of which are international journalists based in Southern California. The HFPA has about 90 members who disseminate information about movies and television to the world through their various publications throughout the world. HFPA members attend more than 300 press conference-style interviews and countless movie and television screenings throughout each year. The group also is famous for starting and continuing to co-produce the annual Golden Globe Awards, held in January each year, and for its philanthropic activities. HFPA

Once again it looks like a group of people are trying to influence the general public into believing the mass of America believes alternate lifestyles are perfectly fine and natural. The truth is the general public doesn't believe the same as Hollywood or the Bubbled Media on the left.


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