Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Iraq Death Toll

We have heard about the Death Toll in Iraq climbing every week. This is certainly a tragedy. You see daily information about Cindy Sheehan and her protest to speak to the President about her son, Casey's death. I feel for her loss without a doubt, but does she not remember we have a volunteer military? Casey Volunteer, he chose to fight. He chose to be a soldier. Casey chose to help protect our country however he would be deployed. Casey made that decision and not anyone else. Casey is a Hero!

Casey is one of the 1,861 (as of 8/18/05) US Soldiers who have lost their lives. Most of these individuals are Heroes. The word Most is going to bother some people, but I have to put it in there and I'm not going to explain.

Did you know in 1999 there were 12,658 Murders in the United States? 8,259 of those with firearms. Yes we have lost 1,861 lives during this war since April 4, 2001. The United States had 10 times that many murders in 1999 alone! Shouldn't these individuals be protesting these deaths as well? We lost over 3,000 civilian lives in the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Have we forgotten?

Please don't tell me one more time that we were lied to! Well, then again, we are being lied to, not by the Bush Administration, but by the News Media. They seem to look forward to bad things happening to the United States of America. This is similar to the Democrats who get excited about the chance to take over power with ever tragedy that happens to its own people.


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