Monday, August 29, 2005

Jesse Jackson Supports An Enemy Of The United States.

Jackson Offers Support to Chavez
CARACAS, Venezuela — The Rev. Jesse Jackson offered support for President Hugo Chavez on Sunday, saying a call for his assassination by a U.S. religious broadcaster was a criminal act and that Washington and Venezuela should work out their differences through diplomacy.
Jesse Jackson goes to Venezuela to support the leader who views the United States and President Bush as the Devil.

March 14, 2005 -
Gerver Torres, a former Venezuelan government minister who now runs a private development agency, said such statements illustrate one of Chavez's key goals. "His main motivation now is to do everything he possibly can to negatively affect the United States, Bush in particular," Torres said. "He is trying to bring together all the enemies of the United States. He believes the United States is the devil."
Jackson met with the Venezuelan leader and in a speech called the Comments of Pat Robertson "immoral" and "illegal." Jackson has urged the US to take action against Robertson and also states the FCC must prohibit such threats on the airwaves and should take action against Robertson.

Pat Robertson has apologized for his statements.

Has Jesse demanded Chavez to take back his words about the United States and President Bush. Has he asked Chavez to discontinue recruiting countries to join him as allies against the "Imperialist Power," referring to the United States. Chavez has told the Iran government, they can count on his country to support any action against the United States. Chavez also supports Iran developing "Atomic Energy."

The United States buys about 60 percent of the Venezuelan Oil Exports. Which again, supports the strange moral decision these countries make selling to the United States. Which they call the Great Satin [in one way or another.] I guess we aren't evil enough for these countries to not let us buy from them. Maybe, we should decide to not buy from them. Then lets see how they react. We might even be called "The Great White Horse" in order to when back the United States as a paying Customer.

Who does Jackson think he is? He doesn't speak for America. Neither does Pat Robertson. We didn't ask him to go to Venezuela, nor do I think he should be going. How is it that he arranged for this meeting? How is it that Jesse is always able to find the hot spot and be able to plant himself in the middle of it?

The problem is Robertson said his thoughts out loud. What should be done with this Rebel Leader that is actively recruiting Allies against the United States? Should the United States support this Leader, who feels we are a great evil? If Chevez supports countries similar to Iran, do you not realize Chevez would support any action to take out our government leaders?

Snipped from the Washington Post Chavez's arms purchases from Russia, including 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles, have also drawn protests from the State Department. He has bought military aircraft from Brazil and announced plans to buy radar equipment from China.

In a recent televised speech, Chavez described the arms purchases and a plan to increase army reserve troops as "an honorable answer to President Bush's intention of being the master of the world."

Jackson needs to support the United States and not aid the enemy. It's amazing what a dissenter of an enemy does for the moral of the enemy.

On a sidenote: The media needs to remove the "Rev." in front of his name. Does he have a church? Has he ever had a church? How many Reverend's are able to have an affair that produces a child and still hold position as a Reverend?


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