Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jesse Continues His Support of the Enemy.

In todays Chicago Sun-Times Jesse Jackson wrote his commentary titled "Bully tactics not serving U.S. well""

Jesse knows all about Bully Tactics. That has been his stratergy to "help" the Black American for decades. Has he helped the Black American? Have their employment opportunities go up, since Jesse has been "helping" them. Have thier grades in school gone up since he has been "helping" them? Has their standard of living gone up since he has been "helping" them? I know his has. His standard of living, the schools he sent his children to, his families business opportunities have as well. I wouldn't say the Black American, as a whole, has been helped by Jesse.

Jackson points out, Hugo Chavez has been twice elected by large majorities in Venezuela. "He is a populist champion of the poor in Venezuela." Saddam Hussim was also "elected" by a large majority in several elections over the years since he stole power. In the most recent election he was the unanamous winner. Does the world believe Saddam was actually the elected president from a free election? I think not. Is Hugo Chavez the winner of a free election? More than likely not. Jesse should be complaining about a vast group of people being disenfranchised by the Chavez Administration. He should have been protesting for the Iraqi people that have been disenfranchised over the years. He isn't and didn't protest for these people. Now he is basically claiming Chavez is being disenfranchised by America and President Bush.

Jesse even pulls Fidel Castro into his support for Chavez, "He has even embraced Fidel Castro, who has made U.S. presidents froth for over 45 years." Is that supposed to convince the American people to support Chavez? Fidel is pretty much the last of the strong Communists leaders. Why do we have boats every year trying to escape Cuba? Is it because Fidel Castro is a wonderful leader who has proven Communism works? I think not.

He states [Defense Secretary] Donald Rumsfeld (Jesse left out his title) proclaimed Chavez "a threat to the stability, suggesting that Chavez was working to destablize Bolivia." Jackson then states, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld offers no evidence. Here is a note to Jesse...You are not prevy to any of the Defense Secretaries information. Would it be a smart policy to let everyone know the information the United States has on other leaders? I think not. This is similar to the arguements the left wing goof balls have about wanting to know the exact timeline we are going to remove our troops from Iraq. LET'S DO THAT! Let's let the enemy know when we are going to leave, so they can plan the exact day they are going to go in and destroy Iraq again. That makes sense.

I'm glad I don't know all the information the government knows about World Leaders.

Pat Robertson is a "key political ally" of President Bush. Then so am I! I'm a private citizen just like Pat Robertson. I voted for President Bush. Come on Jesse, anyone who voted for President Bush is a "key political ally." He also calls Robertson a "zealous right-wing minister." What does that make you?

He is angered the FCC has not been quick to react, the President has not rebuked him, and the world has been chilled by his statements. Okay let's see how long JJ is going to ride this one in the media. Remember the more JJ you see the better it is for JJ. It's not the cause, but who is leading the cause.

One other thing Jesse doesn't ever seem to do in his commentary. He never puts the word President in front of Bush. He either calls him Bush or the Bush Administration. As if it is a four letter word.

JJ also says, most Americans would dismiss Robertson's words a those from a loony raving right-wing zealot. I disagree. Most Americans wanted Hussin removed from office. So, I would say they would also want a ruler who is recruiting other countries to ally against the United States to be removed as well.

The CIA has been "unleased" to take out suspected terrorists, JJ stated. The claims of Guantanamo come out again. As demanstrated in Guantanamo, "the agents are prepared to trample laws and treaties." Have we ever signed a treaty with TERRORIST! Did the Terrorists obey any laws when they planed and followed through with their plan to fly two planes into the Twin Towers. Have you seen the photos of Daniel Pearl after having his throat slit and then severed from his body? Daniel Pearl is only one of many. Now take a look at Guantanamo. Every prisoner has three meals a day, they shower, and some have been released. One of the released prisoners was caught planning another terrorist act. They are able to read and exercise. If you ask me, they are being treated pretty well. What laws are being broken? These are terrorist suspects, they are not U.S. citizens! Again, what treaties are being broken?


Well, maybe one. "We will not negotiate with Terrorists." Boy oh Boy has the Democratic Party changed that statement.

Jesse claims Chavez takes the threat of assassination by "the presidents close political ally very seriously." I think Chavez is smarter than that. Chavez knows Robertson is a private citizen. He is not on President Bush's cabinet. Nor does he have the ability to mobilize any military to act out this "threat."

I guess my other question for Jesse would be. What agreement have you made with Chavez? What is in it for you? Watch very closely over the next few months and see what happens to JJ's pocket book and bank accounts. JJ is a business man. JJ is a product as well.


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