Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Democrats: Dishonest On Iraq

John Kerry was a great flip flopper during his Presidential campaign. Here is more proof he is just one of the peas in a pod. Go to www.gop.com and watch the video proof of the Democrats support actions against Iraq a few years ago. These same democrats are now acting as if the President has acted on his own account with the fight against terrorism.

Senate Republicans Block Iraq Timetable

The Republicans block telling the enemy when we would leave the country. The intelligence of the Democratic party baffles me. Have they no understanding?

This is basic knowledge. You don't tell your opponent what you are going to do. You do this in sports, business, when trying to win the heart of someone else.

Do the democrats really want us to tell the world what the date is we are going to withdrawal? This would give the enemy a date to plan for. Lie in wait and then attack.

It's like being a spy and giving away secrets.

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