Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry may have cost more Jobs and Careers than anyone else.

When John Kerry came back from Vietnam he protested against the war and claimed he and other Veterans commit atrocities and were basically war criminals. 

Now, we all know that many Vietnam Veterans had a very hard time getting jobs and continuing on with their lives.  Some Vietnam Veterans even ended their lives; due to the way America welcomed them home and treated them because they fought in the war. 

We could point to John Kerry's testimony after the war as a contributing factor to employers not wanting to hire Vietnam Veterans.  Through the television and radio clips of his testimony many employers became enraged against the Veterans and made a decision to try not to hire a Vietnam Vet. 

So, since the return of our Vietnam Veterans (which, I would like to thank for your commitment to serving your country) thousands of {maybe hundreds of thousands} of Veterans have been denied jobs because of John Kerry's testimony. 

So Sen. John Kerry stop claiming Bush is responsible for a million jobs being lost, when your testimony directly affected attitudes toward Vietnam Veterans, which ultimately prevented Veterans from getting jobs. 

Over the past thirty years how many lives have been effected by your testimony? 

I'm not denying there were bad eggs in Vietnam, but it wasn't a Military edict to commit the crimes. 

Kerry's UN and the Future of America

John Kerry claims the U.S. has done everything wrong with the War on Terorism, including the removal of Saddam. [Well, he has held that opinion the past few months.] He claims we should have worked with the U.N.

His opinion may change now, with the latest information about the U.N. and the Oil For Food Program.
Read: Oil-for-Food Probe Includes Annan's Son

Hot Water

It appears you can buy the U.N.'s decisions. The U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan's son generated $1.7 Billion from the Oil-For-Food program. Other nations involved with Iraq ties include France, Kerry's favorite nation. Saddam also had a List of Preffered Companies, Russian (33) and Saudi Arabian (109) companies were a part of the List. The list is not complete yet, but there is a trail of money to follow: 10 Billion Dollars meant for the Oil-For-Food Program.

The World may become safer with the toppling of the U.N. Leadership and Kerry would like to give decision power to the U.N. when it comes to protecting our country.

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