Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barack Obama is Loved by the Media

Just tell me it isn't true. Go ahead and prove to me the Media hasn't pulled off the biggest coup in American History.

How else can you explain how a man can become the parties Presidential candidate
  • without much experience at all
  • who pals around with American Terrorists
  • has a 20 year relationship with a racist extremist
  • has opening associated himself with socialist professors
  • and wants to raise taxes on everyone except those who don't pay any taxes
  • Voted to allow sex education to kindergardener's in Illinois
  • The list could go on and on can't it.
Shame on the American people. Wake up, read the writing on the wall, take a look at his voting record. (Barack Obama's voting record) Take a look at world history and tell me where Barack's type of government has succeeded? Take a look at American History and tell me when raising taxes has helped the economy?

How could a man this far to the left become the nominee? One phrase. The Media Loves Him. The strange thing is that the media doesn't reflect America in the least. Hollywood doesn't reflect America at All. Why o why would Susy Coach Potato vote for Barack Obama? Coach Potato is the key here. Susy plops herself infront of the boob tube and lets ABC, NBC, and CBS tell her what to think. It didn't just start yesterday or even this past year. It started with President Bush won his first election as President. The plan was made at that point to do whatever could be done to make sure the media's guy got in the office of the President of the United States. Negative press toward President Bush no matter what was happening. President Bush is the only President that ever had to deal with an attack on our homeland. This changed the entire landscape of the world and not to mention America. The media loves to talk about the Presidential approval rating being so low, but they fail to mention the congressional approval rating is 20 points lower than his in the single digit range. Wake up American's and don't allow the media to lie to you any more.

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