Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Great Cartoons

The Republicans are for a Draft?

As we all now know the Democrates were the ones to re-intruduce a draft, not the Republicans.

Saddam was a WMD.

There is no proof? Has Moore seen the headlines lately?

I can't take it...

Again, the snap by the network polls are questionable.

abc says Kerry pulls out a victory
cbs also calls Kerry the winner
nbc also says Kerry won

No there isn't a bais. Look at the Headlines on these sites.

Again, I ask who are they polling. The networks should go back to calling homes and asking the questions. Stocking your studios with "Undecided" voters is not the way to find the slant of America! If you are Undecided even now, more than likely your not telling the truth.

Most Liberal Honors go to John Kerry

Not only has John Kerry been voted as the most liberal by The Journal with a score of 96.5 (possible 100) in 2003. He was voted the most liberal 3 times in his first Senate term, from 1985 to 1990. The Journal isn't the only one to judge him in the like. The American Conservative Union (ACU) gave Kerry a 13 rating on its conservative score for 2003, with 100 being the most conservative. Kerry has a lifetime rating of 5 from the ACU. Another group, Americans for Democratic Action, has awarded Kerry a lifetime career rating of 92 on a 100-point scale.

Four More in 2004

Bush is Clear winner of the 3rd debate.
Read the transcript


This is my new blogchalk:
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People like this are dangerous.

Read Sarah's blog on Iraq "Get outta there!". How naive to think we can just pull out the troops because we have Saddam. She states this would save American Lives and the lives of the Iraqi people. If we were to just pull out our troops, the Iraqi people would be in grave danger and America would be in greater danger than now.

Here's a concerned Norwegian

Concerned Norwegians Letter to the President of the United States

Personally and I'm sure the President feels this way. I don't care if four out of five Norwegians do not support President Bush's position on Iraq. Norway usually doesn't support any aggression anyway. The President was elected to represent the US and its interests, Not Norways'.

Prodded to vote for Kerry

At work today we were reminded to make sure we pick up our absentee ballets in case we are not home to vote. Jokingly the Managing Partner said, "I'm not telling you who to vote for, but half a day off if you vote for Kerry." Sure, it was said in jest. But for those insecure individuals who have not stance, this may have persuaded them to vote for Kerry. This is similar to the Unions "not telling you" to vote Democrat, but union dues go to the Democratic campaign and you strongly urged to vote Democratic if you want the Union to survive.

Presidential Debate 3

Let us know the addresses of all polls on the web tonight.

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