Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Stocks Like the Outcome of the Election

Stocks Skyrocket as Wall Street Welcomes Bush Victory

FoxNews Just Claims Bush the Winner

I'm watching FoxNews right now and they have projected Nevada will go to President Bush which puts him at 274 electoral votes and winning the election.

Not sure what the other networks are saying.

AP: Kerry Calls President Bush to Concede Presidency

Kerry makes the call

AP is announcing Kerry has made a phone call to President Bush to Concede the Presidency. Should be hearing something soon on the networks.

Daschle's Loss is a Victory for both parties

Thune Oust Daschle

Thune beating Daschle is a huge victory for the Republican party and a victory for the Democratic party. Under Daschle's recent leadership the Democratic party has been lead into a ditch. Hopefully the Democratic Party will pick a leader who can work with a Republican Majority.

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