Thursday, August 18, 2005

Officer: Secret unit found terror cells before 9/11

Page 35 of the Chicago Sun-Times is where I find this article. PAGE 35! Underneath a story about Michael Jackson being fined $10,000.

Shouldn't this story be a front page story?

An Army Intelligence Officer tells the 9/11 Commission that a secret military unit had identified two of the three cells involved in the 2001 terrorist strikes more than a year before the attacks.

What makes this even more interesting is that last statement, "...more than a year before the attacks." Why is it interesting? That puts the timeline into Clinton's Presidency and that is where you find the answer to why it is on page 35 of the Sun-Times.

This brings up another problem I have, the 9/11 Commission's Report. There wasn't any mention of this secret military unit in the report. Nor was there any mention of the identification of the two units. What was the goal of the 9/11 Commission? Was it to find out what could be done to prevent such breakups in communications between key government units or was it to cover up the lapse in Clinton Administration's ability to protect this country and to somehow twist the truth to make it look like the Bush administration should have prevented it?

The Secret Military Unit was called "Able Danger." This information has been floating around now for about a week now. I haven't seen it covered by many of the news media. There should be no doubt that if information came to surface the Bush administrationnnnn had identified even one of the cells, the Media would have bold front page headlines.

Bush Knew About The Attacks And Did Nothing

They would print that even if he had known 12 hours before the attacks.

What the Headlines should be reading is this.

Clinton Let The Terrorists "Plane Bomb" The Towers


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